Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep – Harboring a Dark Heart

Kingdom Hearts is an odd series. It started in 2002, and has now ballooned to seven games, five of which aren’t numbered games despite being fairly important to understanding the overarching plot, giving nerds yet another chance to whine about a series being too complex when they refuse to engage with most of it.

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Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World – Dusk of the Monster King

(Originally written in May of 2014.)

[Spoiler warning for Tales of Symphonia and Dawn of the New World]

As a fan of Tales of Symphonia several years past its release, I was surprised to hear that it was getting a sequel, and dismayed to hear it was subpar. After the friend who had introduced me to Symphonia had played it, he had generally positive feelings about it, though not to the extent he did the original. In the HD rerelease 6 years later, I finally got a chance to try it myself, and it left me as conflicted as I’d feared.

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Time and Eternity — The Moebius Troupe

(Originally written in June of 2014)
Time & Eternity is a game with a reputation. With an aggregate Metacritic score of 42 and 4.8 from critics and users, respectively, and claims that players would “have much more fun spending [their] money on a dentist appointment”, it’s easy to assume it’s simply a disaster with no value and move on. That’d be too easy, though!

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